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October 22, 2017

LIVING IRON planned publication

The publication of LIVING IRON is at last in sight, planned for the autumn of 2018. We have reached the fundraising stage and will need all the support we can get to publish the truly beautiful and refined book we set out to make.

It is eight years since the project was born while sorting out photographs in my studio. Rusted shapes and colours had been drawing my eye for some time anywhere I went before I realised that I knew very little about iron and nothing at all about steel, and the life of a new book had started. Eight years of exploration and photography have followed.

Vanessa Everts, my trusted and inspiring editor on two previous books, has become my co-author. Her understanding of this project and her commitment brought us to widen the research and dare go deeper in technical and historical aspects. We have become partners in crime. Added to this is the joy of working with Frederik de Wal, our graphic designer and with the Visual Legacy Foundation, our publisher. We are like a bustling beehive here, making what we hope will be great honey.


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